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The purpose of VEC - Online Church Builder is to provide a virtual space for your online members.

According to the most recent studies by Pew Research, one in five churchgoers in 2022 participated in virtual church once a month. Another interesting finding is:

14% of adults in U.S. attended in person & online
13% Only attended in person
16% Only attended online or on TV
57% Are not doing either

Online viewing is 3% higher than those attending in person, which tells us that online church still reigns supreme.


If the people are online, we have to meet them there through engagement strategies. Engagement is the key to attracting and retaining your members. Another key element is providing community.

Community is an important source of social connection and provides a sense of belonging.


VEC will also work on behalf of a business or client to perform the functions of a digital marketing team as well as support an existing in-house marketing team.

These functions will vary depending on the specific needs of the company being serviced. Typically, marketing will be used to reach customers and potential customers via websites, blogs, social media, platforms, email, and other digital marketing channels. 

VEC will provide social media management, create and publish content for blogs or other publications, optimize website pages, & implement an SEO strategy to ensure a brand appears high on search engine results pages for relevant search items.

Virtual Enhancement brand
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